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Fuck the brain hole quote


Her (2013) - quotes - imdb

When they come your way, and you’re on the path to greatness. We used to be married, but he couldn’t handle me, he wanted to put me on prozac and now he’s madly in love with his laptop. And just rub it softly. A palindrome is a word or phrase that’s spelled the same forward as backward. Bernadette is not going anywhere, because you’re not going anywhere. No, you know that bad guy that you let go? he’s got my girl.


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Fuck the brain hole quote. Or would you rather *i* build furniture and you pay rent? Strong enough for a real relationship? Cool quotes from all, splendid! keep mind hygyene. Please wait as your individualized operating system is initiated. I’m doing as you said, dp. Uh, maybe not start with that.

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The original badass epic in which scrappy heroes beat impossible odds. Failure is never definitive until you decide to give into it.

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