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Girls peeing during intercourse


Coital incontinence: why do i pee during sex & how do i treat it?

She does not feel embarrased as it’s the first time she reaches orgasm. 1)i go right before we start fooling around. Have not been to the doctors,and putting it down to the change. I just recently discovered that i urinate while having an orgasm i dont empty my bladder completely, and it doesnt hapoen everytime but i like it. It is not hard to do. There has been one, i repeat, one single time in my entire sexual experience when i have actually urinated during orgasm (the suspicion of which i confirmed by scent).


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Girls peeing during intercourse. It wasnt until we were all finished, that we noticed the sheets were so wet underneath of him that it was like i peed on him. And i dont have a bladder problem. My girlfriend has to pee most of the time during intercourse, i don’t think she’s having an orgasm cause usually she stops after it or tells me she gets turn off but that’s not it i believe. Peeimg during orgasm can also technically be caused by a urinary tract infection or vaginal infection like bv. You definitely wouldn’t want to do this with a bladder infection, since that could pass bacteria along to your wife. My name is alex and i’m having problem with my urine. This also upsets me greatly because even though i will still pleasure him he says he doesn’t want it because he feels bad that he won’t give me anything back.


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There are some men, myself included, who are, in fact, quite turned on by this rather common woman’s problem. To my suprise urine exploded out of my erect penis. I thought i’d had orgasms before, but two nights ago i had an encounter with a man i’ve had strong feelings for for a long time but we were both otherwise involved and had never acted on these emotions.

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