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Mindset for a female orgasm


What we learned about orgasms in 2016, from why they feel so good to why single women have more

But another study found that being in the right mindset is equally important. And young women are experiencing orgasm the least. Many women don’t orgasm because they expect a specific experience, probably that sharp strong peak of orgasm. I was attractive and was quickly being asked out by loads of desirable guys. It may seem like women were given the short end of the orgasm stick, especially compared to our male counterparts, but the fact is that our bodies are built for pleasure.

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Mindset for a female orgasm. Your lover must be totally and completely relaxed and free from tension. The excitement pretty much ended immediately. On one hand that’s great that he cares, but on the other hand, that might pressure you and put an expectation on you, wouldn’t it? That way, no matter what your partner is up to, you will hold the key to your own orgasm. Sure, a big part of your orgasm has to do with logistics but mindset also plays a key role in helping you get into the o-zone and stay there. Yeah, focusing is actually really helpful.


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It rewires your mind with positive thought patterns to. Quite a bit, actually.

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