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What if he finds out or comes back – rahul said i know sweetheart but i have been fantasizing about you ever since i met you last year. I had asked my wife on a number of occasions about her fucking another man but i was rejected each and every time i had asked. Words, i’m not doin’ it. I like to see people’s faces with surprise asking “you made that?!”. Frankfurt school ideas were gaining massive traction in us academia around this time.


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My wife got fucked. My wife is very sexual and there is nothing she would not consider in bed (or other places). I also thought i would go inside and throw him out of the house and smack her. We started drinking since very early and by the end of the game everybody was drunk, including myself and my wife who had been sitting with us on and off during the entire game. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me. He had her pinned down on the sofa and she was not struggling any more – her hips were thrust up anticipating his thrust.

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It was taken to such a point where everything was a matter of debate from government, to nationalism, to sexual liberation, marriage, old customs. I’d probably slap you wife for not resisting at all! then i’d file for divorce. The hippies were all about pacifism to such a huge extent that they preferred to get rid of nationalist sentiments so that no wars would occur again.

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