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Piss in his asshole


Funnel ass pee - superzooi

Haha i’ve never had that high of a shower pressure to stick it in my ass. The pressure may hurt at the beginning. Believe it or not, there is a scale, called the. I’m gonna give the least scientific answer of all. An angel throws up.

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What happens when you pee inside someones ass? : askgaybrosWhy did i pee out of my anus? - quora


Piss in his asshole. Something like 80% of amphetamine intake passes straight through to the urine. No clue and i don’t wanna find out lol. I would recommend drinking water and waiting for the loose bowel movements to subside. You had a choice. Got drunk with a highschool buddy and tried to convince him to try this with me. It is a medical emergency.


Piss in her ass and she drinks it all

I don’t know what they’re downvoting but you’ve just made me laugh so here’s an upvote. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. Urine is pretty sterile, unless you had some kind of infection it’s 100% safe.

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