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Puts his fist into her vagina


A complete beginners guide to fisting - how do you fist a woman

But what do you do instead? I’m nowhere near eloquent enough to describe what i’m trying to convey about the experience in words. I was thinking about babies and vaginas, too, though in a different way. There’s nothing in the world that even comes close. Finger a good squeeze, i guess that’s not it. Your girl may feel similarly, so some sexy talk and sexy times might be quite welcome. Basically, even when you factor birth into it, too many people have no idea how amazing the vagina is.

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Puts his fist into her vagina. So can someone explain to me what the appeal of this act is? maybe it’s more for women who are really into g-spot stimulation (which is nice, but never my focus)? This saddens me, because fisting is awesome. Things end when things go from a little uncomfortable but so good i don’t care to the discomfort interfering. From the other side, i have to say the frat boy in me loves the idea of getting my whole hand into my bf. And it is the most awesome feeling in the world. Jess wilde, 28, lovehoney’s bondage and fetish expert, says you can also get a.

Put that pussy to the test

Sorry for the fratboy sounding take on it, but words fail me. Anon: discomfort-discomfort, or “i am seriously about to pee the bed” discomfort? ’cause one of those things i’m willing to deal with and one of them i’m not.

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